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Patriots Point Work

The USS Washington (BB-56) is one of two battleships we are currently working on. To this point, we have cleaned the model, and identified the repairs and modifications that need to be completed. Roy Johnson is currently modifying the main mast, while Gary Hatherly is preparing to add rails, replace guns and fixtures, and repaint the ship. Joe Myers, Chris Bernique, Joe Bosco, Dave Corvino, and Rick Reinert have prepared the model for these next steps. Also being worked on is the USS South Dakota (BB-57), which needs much the same work.    

While work on the battleships progresses, Marion Miller has completed work repainting the escort carrier USS Gambier Bay. The new camouflage paint scheme looks fantastic, and adds a depth of realism which was missing for many years. The model was originally hand-made and includes a beautiful teak deck. . The Gambier Bay was a Casablanca-class carrier that was sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in World War II. She was the only American aircraft carrier sunk by enemy surface gunfire during World War II.